Dear GLOW alumni,

As years go by, our organization has grown and evolved into a strong and enlarging network that connects us all through our ideas, experience and passion. We have come a long way to develop our knowledge and efforts to change the lives of many young people and all this time we have strived for the best.

We cherish the fact that every step of this way was made thanks to the enthusiasm and motivation of each one of you. It was your ideas, experience and passion that kept us moving on and we want to express our gratitude to your input to our work at GLOW.

We strongly believe that the GLOW spirit is a vital power that unites us all and has encouraged us to develop our potential into all we have accomplished. This is why we set the start of this network – our very own community and a platform to share and spread ideas, cooperate in order to realize our plans and most of all, it will be what GLOW has always been for all of us: true inspiration.

We warmly welcome you to the official GLOW Alumni Network and we are proud to have you on board!

Best wishes,
The team of GLOW Leadership Academy