Apply for IT-ing my Network Training Course

Training course IT-ing my Network will take place  29.04 – 06.05.2017 in Rm Sarat, Romania and involves a total of 21 youth workers (over 18 years) who want to develop their skills in IT. The participants come from Portugal, Italy, Turkey, Poland, Macedonia, Bulgaria and Romania.

You can consult the program of the IT-ing my Network Training Course here.

There are 3 spots available for Bulgarian participants.

The Erasmus+ Program covers all accomodation expenses and travel expenses up to 180 euro (estimated travel expenses from Sofia with train – 100 euro ).

The aim of the project “IT-ing my Network” is to provide opportunities for youth development in IT for their professional development and integration in the labor market (entrepreneurship or employability), using various methods and nonformal tools.
In order to achieve the goal we have in mind the following objectives:
 – The development level of IT skills for a total of 70 participants, young people and youth workers (both target groups), which are able to access and use databases and software designed to streamline work in European youth organizations during implementation of youth exchange.
– Increasing capacity building through training of the 21 youth workers, from the 7 promotors, in IT during the 8 days of training held in Ramnicu Sarat.
– Develop practical skills for employability and entrepreneurship of the 42 young people participating in the exchange of Ramnicu Sarat, for young people to form adaptable labor market.
– Developing intercultural dialogue between the 70 participants from the 7 promoters actively involved in the project in order to increase social cohesion within the European Union, awareness of active citizenship and understanding cultural diversity, during the project implementation IT-ing.
– Increasing the visibility of Erasmus + and non-formal education for about 10 000 European citizens with the help of 70 participants using IT skills developed in the project to promote the results in the online environment during the project implementation.
The project objectives are closely aligned with the objectives and targets of the Europe 2020 and Erasmus + , with both component inclusion on the mobility on the intercultural and on the personal development and the development of IT skills.
To apply fill in this form and send it to
The places will be reserved on the principle first come, first served.