Glowing Alulma Ekaterina Peikovska – Djadjeva – giving a great example for the new generation

On  November 1, the day of the “National Enlighteners” (Bulgarians celebrates and remember those visionaries who did so much to establish a sense of national pride and to lay the foundation forBulgarian liberation) on little girl highly impressed thousands of Bulgarians in the country and around the world with their knowledge of the Bulgarian enlighteners. Kristina Dzhedzheva is only a year and a half, and in a video published by her mother Ekaterina,( our glowing alumna) on the occasion of the holiday, she distinguishes the images of Hristo Botev, Vasil Levski, Ivan Vazov and others. The video was seen by more than 750,000 people and shared over 18,000 times. Thousands of consumers congratulate the mother and the wonderful child in comments.

You can see that great little bulgarian here.