Glowing Alumna Tsvetta Kaleynska – with an interview for alumni magazine of Baruch College

From modeling to social media, television reporting to activism, alumna Tsvetta Kaleynska (EMPA ’15) keeps herself busy with a variety of professional and personal pursuits. She sat down recently to chat about how her Baruch education impacted her career and to share her advice on how to maintain an active and varied schedule. 

What made you want to attend Baruch College? Were there any clubs or professors that had a major impact on you during your time here?

I always knew I was going to attend Baruch College at some point in my life. CUNY is an incredible institution that enables thousands of students every year to obtain an elite, yet affordable, education. I maintained a hectic schedule, but my professors kept me motivated and helped me out a lot during my studies. Professors Christopher Cloud and Michael Seltzer had a very significant impact on me and still do to this day.

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