GLOWing Alumna Omana Katzarska – Interview

“The one who gives life” – that means in translation from Sanskrit the name Omana. Omana Katsarska is a freelance artist with a focus on illustration, book layout and typography. She graduated the “Ilia Petrov” School of Fine Arts, specialty “Graphics”; Bachelor is in the subject of “Book, Illustration and Print Graphics” (National Academy of Arts) and currently holds a Master’s degree in “Font” at the National Academy of Arts.

Omana Katsarska is painting since a little girl. Her parents are creators. She is 23 years old. She describes herself in three colors: purple, which is imaginative and calms; orange, which is energy and brings positive power; red, which gives strength and strength.

Omana Katsarska has participated in numerous exhibitions, the crafts fair, the Summer Academy of Creative Thinking, the China Biennale and the Japan Graphics Competition. There are a number of awards. According to her, since 2006 there has not been an exhibition of Bulgarian illustrators in Bulgaria and only in December in the framework of the Sofia International Book Fair was exhibited an exhibition that gathered the drawings of nearly 30 native artists.