GLOwing Aluma Denitsa Yotova – book with poems

On January 24, Wednesday, at 18.30 in the building of the Metropolitan Municipality on 1 Paris Street was presented the debut book with poems of the young poetess Denitsa Yotova “Under the sun at all times”.
The event was organized by the Culture Directorate of Sofia Municipality.

“The young writer brings his intonation into the multifaceted chorus of modern Bulgarian poetry,” Blagovesta Kassabova says about the book. “The introductory words of the biblical philosopher Ecclesiastes sound like a motto in which the artistic idea is based.The author’s attitude towards life and the world is a moral barometer measuring the aesthetic content of the works-the given human time fits the basic one that is embedded in the nature of man : love and hatred, building and destruction, joy and weeping, partisanship and soullessness, rise and fall. “