Meet the GLOW girls: Magy Kolcheva

“Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life.” – Omar Khayyam

Name:     Margita Kolcheva

Years:       22

Occupation:     Student in American University in Bulgaria

Current Location:   Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria

Hometown:    Kyustendil, Bulgaria

GLOW year:    2009

Tell us about yourself – what are you doing, where are you?

I am currently a third-year student in the American University in Bulgaria, double majoring in Economics and Mathematics. However, I do not like describing myself only with my studies, because they are just a small part of my busy life. Living in this world, I try to grasp the opportunities around me and use every second fully. That is why I tried to be involved as much as possible on campus. I am currently a Resident Assistant in one of the residence halls in my university, president of the PTPI “Better Community Club”, which is the main volunteering club in AUBG, and a dance instructor in the BFDC “Samodiva” – a club for Bulgarian national dances. However, these are only small portion of the activities I am involved in. From all of them I consider my work for GLOW one of the most important. As Marketing Coordinator, I not only try to popularize GLOW both in Bulgaria and abroad, but I also help with the organization of the annual Academy, which makes the set of all my duties complete 😉

What do you love about your job (studies)?

I will try to put the long list in a few sentences…hopefully efficiently. First of all, I like that my university is a liberal arts one, which allows us to choose the classes we want to take and the majors we would like to pursue. When I first came here, I was considering myself Political Science and International Relations major. Soon after I changed my opinion and Business Administration was on the list for a short period. Fortunately, the things started to click at some point and now I am pursuing my double major in Economics and Mathematics – two subjects that are so well completing each other. Second, I like the opportunities given by the different clubs and work-study positions on campus, because they give me experience and teach me how to work in team, how to be more organized, and how to be more professional in everything I am doing. Last, but not least, I enjoy living and working in a diverse community with student from more than 40 different countries, which makes the years spent in the university even more valuable.

Walk us through your (work) day.

Every day is so different for me and this is a fact about my life, I am glad to share. Usually, I wake up around 8:00 a.m. in the morning, no snooze button used because the busyness of the day cannot allow it. I have between 1 and 3 lectures in the university (depending on the day) and some duties on the front desk (part of the Resident Assistant job). The time left is distributed between studying and organizing different events – wellness programs for the resident of the dormitories or voluntary events with PTPI “Better Community CLUB”. Then comes the time for some work for GLOW and some gatherings with friends. Two of my days end up with the Bulgarian dance classes, which feel me up with positive energy. Usually, I do not go to bed before midnight and if it happens, the day should be considered as not productive at all.

What “rules” do you live by?

Use every second of your time, because there is always time for everything you want to do, help the others, guide the people younger than you, learn from the older ones

What is the greatest thing about education?

The opportunities you see opening in front of you and the fact that you can share what you have learned with other people.

Who has inspired you in your life and why?

If it should be only one person, this is my grandmother. Back when she was young and the women were not that independent, she decided to pursue her dream of becoming a teacher despite the plans her family had for her. She went to an unknown place to educate the kids (around half of them were not even speaking Bulgarian). After this start, she has been a teacher for around 30 years. I have learned not only how to read and calculate easy mathematical problems for her, but also how to be organized and, most important, how to be a good person.

What are you passionate about?

Volunteering and education.

Which experiences in life helped you become the person you are?

I consider every day as such an experience, but if I need to mention one, this will be GLOW.

When things get tough, how do you keep yourself going?

When things get tough, the multiple activities I am involved are what keeps me going. They give me a reason to continue, because I consider each of them important for somebody else and thus worth the efforts.

The things for which we should always find time are…? Why are they important?

Friends and family, volunteering and helping others, meeting new people, travelling, and all other new experiences.

What kind of books (or which) do you consider must read?

I really like anti-utopia books and consider all of them really deep and must read. My favorite one of them, which is really accurate right now, is “Fahrenheit 451 “. I am also huge Frederic Beigbeder fan – if you haven’t read anything from him, take a book immediately.

What has GLOW given you?

GLOW was the initial push that I received back in 2009. It boosted my self-esteem and inspired me to continue working towards a better future. For all these 6 years, I have met a lot of my friends thanks to GLOW, but also gained experience both in the Academy and in the many international trainings I have participated. Last but not least, GLOW made me believe that WE are the one who can and will change the situation around us!

Tell us something interesting that very few people know about you!

I have a collection of more than 10 mugs in my room, just because each of them is important in its own way.

What is your advice for the young people?

Volunteer, grasp the opportunities around you, and do not hesitate for a second – life is short!

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