Meet the GLOW girls: Yana Dimitrova

This too shall pass

Name: Yana

Years: 28

Occupation: English teacher and professional trainer

Current Location: Sofia

Hometown: Complicated

GLOW position: Website administrator and content creator

GLOW year: 2002-2006


Tell us about yourself – what are you doing, where are you?

I am currently settled in Sofia, Bulgaria. After some time I spent abroad(Germany and  Czech Republic) I decided that it’s time for me to make a change in Bulgaria and “fight” for a brighter future. At the moment,  I work for a huge pharmaceutical company.

What do you love about your job?

That fact that I can apply all my skills and knowledge gained during my experience abroad.

Walk us through your work day.

In morning I do yoga and/or walk the dog. Then, my daily tasks are various but mainly I do a research and reports for the US health market. The job is quite interesting and every day I enrich my knowledge. As, this is my fourth year of devotion to the pharmaceutical industry, I am really keen on studying Pharmacy. It’s never too late study, right?

What “rules” do you live by?

This too shall pass” can be an uncomfortable phrase whether you are enjoying everything that you have in your life and it can be very comfortable whether you are passing for troubling days, but the most important point here is that it makes us stop and think; that we have to enjoy all good moments of our life, even more, the small nice things, the time with our family and friends, a smile, a laugh, our vacation days, our work, everything and be grateful for all things that make us happy. In the other hand we should realize that every time that we face a difficult situation in our life, sooner or later this too shall pass.

What is the greatest thing about education?

Everyone has the right to a good education!The problem is whether one chooses to have one. When young people are educated they are more likely to be aware of their rights and better able to make sure that these rights are respected. Also, education provides young people with vital skills and critical thinking and confidence, creating a healthy basis for everyone to succeed in life.

Who has inspired you in your life and why?

Many people have influenced me and I accept as role models as they have brought something significant to my life. One of them is the face of GLOW Tsvetta Kaleynska, who I have the honor the to call a friend. She has showed me that you have to be brave in your dreams and whatever you conceive you can achieve.

What are you passionate about? I am passionate  about love and doing everything in your life with true love. Also, I love biking, hiking,skiing and dreaming.

Which experiences in life helped you become the person you are?

The difficulties and the struggles that I had to go through alone made me stronger. All so called “failures” are just experience for me, a very valuable one that makes me the person I am today.

When things get tough, how do you keep yourself going?

I always repeat to myself “ This will also pass”.

Which are the things for which we should always find time? Why are they important?

Most important one is time for yourself. Afterwards, time for family and love ones. Then, time for dreaming and setting new goals in your life.

What books do you consider must read?

I think this is strictly personal. My must read could not be the cup of tea of somebody else. That’s why I can share the ones that I have found most influential to me: Hermann hesse – Siddhartha,  Richard Bach – Jonathan livingston seagull, Mark Twain – The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn… And many more. Some of my favorite are fairy tales.

What motivates you to be part of GLOW?

As, I see what impact GLOW had on me and what has given me, I want to help other girls have the same opportunity to experience this once in lifetime “university of life” that no book or teacher could give them.

Tell us something interesting that very few people know about you!

I love to read fairy tales and to learn how to code in PHP and Ruby on rails.

What is your advice for the young people?

The young people should always remember that failure is an important element to success. The experiences one gets in failure are some of the best lessons one can apply in life.

And, of course to follow their hearts.

Share with us your favourite most inspirational piece – article/ story/ talk/ video!

This Too Shall Pass” – King’s Solomon Parable “Solomon the powerful and wealthy king chooses to test his most loyal and trusted minister, Benaiah Ben Yehoyada, by asking of him an impossible task. The king asks Benaiah to find for him a ring, knowing full well that the ring does not exist, which has magic powers. “If a happy man looks at it, he becomes sad, and if a sad man looks at it, he becomes happy,” he tells him. He expresses his desire to wear the ring for Sukkot, which is six months away. After months of searching, Benaiah finds himself, the night before Sukkot, walking through the poorest neighborhood of Jerusalem. He happens upon a jeweler, who, when asked if he’s heard of such a ring, produces from his pocket a plain gold ring, to which he adds an engravement. Benaiah returns just in time on the eve of Sukkot to give the king the ring he has requested. When the king looks at the engraving, he reads four words: “gam zeh ya’avor”, which translates to, “This too shall pass” or “This too will pass”. At that moment, Solomon realizes that his wisdom, tremendous wealth, and power are fleeting things, for one day he will be nothing but dust.”