Meet the GLOW girls: Ekaterina Gicheva

‘Be the change you want to see in the world.’ (Gandhi)

Name: Ekaterina Gicheva

Years: 23

Occupation: Primary school teacher

Current Location: Peterborough, UK

Hometown: Botevgrad, Bulgaria

GLOW year: 2008 – 2012

Tell us about yourself – what are you doing, where are you?

I am a Psychology graduate who is privileged to be a 2015 Teach First participant. I am very excited that I will be teaching Year 3 students from September.

What do you love about your job (studies)?

I am absolutely passionate about psychology and, more specifically, about positive and educational psychology. For that reason, I am very happy that I will be able to bridge between these two disciplines, and that I will teach disadvantaged children.

Walk us through your (work) day.

As I have recently graduated, I have not started working yet, but I imagine that my work timetable will be something like this:

7:30 – get to school, prepare the classroom for the following lesson, mark students’ work and plan for the week
8:40 – greet my students and do the registry
9:00 – start the lessons
12:00 – play time for the children
12:30 – lunch (eat with my students)
13:00 – start the second part of the lessons
15:00 – school day is finished; mark, plan and prepare materials for the following day
18:00 – go back home

What “rules” do you live by?

1) Always look for the positive aspect in every situation!:)
2) Treat people the way you want to be treated.
3) Always try your best!
4) Remember where you come from!

What is the greatest thing about education?

It expands our horizons, inspires and empowers people to find their passion and to pursue it; being well educated gives us the opportunity to grow and to be of use to our community.

Who has inspired you in your life and why?

I felt particularly inspired by my primary school teacher and my family because they taught me how to appreciate the beautiful things in life. I was also highly influenced by the people taking part in the different NGOs I participated in (including LA GLOW!). I was fascinated by their energy and motivation, as well as by their determination to make the world a better place.

What are you passionate about?

I am passionate about working with people in need.

Which experiences in life helped you become the person you are?

The good, the bad and the ugly. 🙂 I believe that every experience we have is important for our development as people.

When things get tough, how do you keep yourself going?

I focus on the positive things that happen to me; this makes my life much more balanced. 🙂

The things for which we should always find time are…? Why are they important?

We should always find time for ourselves and for our loved ones, as well for the things that make us happy.

What kind of books (or which) do you consider must read?

My favourite book of all times is ‘The Little Prince’.

What has GLOW given you?

Many invaluable experiences and friendships.

Tell us something interesting that very few people know about you!

I started playing the piano at the age of 17 🙂

What is your advice for the young people?

Be involved in as many extracurricular activities as possible. 🙂 This will bring colour to your life and will enable you to meet many interesting and inspiring people.

Share with us your favourite most inspirational piece – article/ story/ talk/ video!

This is something that always makes me smile 🙂

Please share with us your articles, videos, pieces of art – all kind of creative/ academic/ work by you that has been published

This is a story I have written not so long ago. I hope that you will like it.
‘Сега ще ти разкажа един сън.. Моя сън. Не помня името на селото, дето се случи тая случка. Може би не е вярно туй, че когато остаряваме помним малките неща. Или, по-скоро, тези малки неща, дето нямат пряка връзка с това, което се е случило. Както и да е.
Седя си аз на плажа. Лято е, края на юни или началото на юли. Слънцето ярко пече, бавно изгаря лицето ми. И сърцето ми, и то гори. Останал съм без пукнат грош, без кола, без другар под ясното синьо небе. Какво точно се случи – това не е важно. Млади сме. Душите ни жадни са да преоткриват, да градят и после наново да рушат. А на младите в това им е силата. Да опитват, да вкусват новото. Да рушат вече съградени основи, за да пробват дали ще им е по-инак – по-приятно, сиреч – с нова гледка към небосвода. А истината, другарю, е, че всичко е вътре, там надълбоко скрито. И че не новия прозорец или новата сграда носят магия, а именно гледащият променя гледката.
Седя аз, а мойта гледка е сива. Картина, чийто смисъл не може акъла да ми побере. Гледам, ала не виждам. В ума ми, сякаш на пружина, навиват се едни и същи тъмни мисли. Главата ми подпушва. Ръце ми треперят, а лице цяло почерняло от същите тези черни мисли. Държа бележка. На нея послепис: ‘ще те помня със усмивка’. Каква ти усмивка! Сякаш огромен товар се бе стоварил отгоре ми, както на оня, дето носеше на плещи си цялото небе. Как се казваше? Знаеш го, бе! А така – Прометея.. Да.
Мъчно ми е, а не мога да заплача. Странното е, че в такива моменти – ето в тези, дето трябва да плача, да излея душата си в тегоба – не мога и не мога. И искам, и пак не става. А човек съм, простоват, но емоционален! Въодушевя ли се, мога да изрецитирам ‘Опълченците’ и отзад-напред. Ала мъка ли ми е, стискам и не пущам. Тая пуста гордост с мене си остана докрая.