GLOWing Alumna Katerina Elenkova – among the finalists of the National Competition

The song “Stand and Wait” by 18-year-old Katerina Elenkova is among the finalists of the National Competition for the Creative Song of Young Artists, organized by Rockschool and Drooble, together with the America for Bulgaria Foundation. The prize is a free, professional recording. The talented Cathy, who is a graduate of the vocal studio “Kids Laughter” at […]

GLOWing alumna – Mihaela Hrusanova

At this year’s edition of the American University in Bulgaria’s MultiTalent Quest, ACS junior Mihaela Hrusanova won a special “Memorable Performance” prize. GLOwing Mihaela wowed the audience with her dancing with fire choreography which was the closing performance of the arts competition.

GLOwing Aluma Denitsa Yotova – book with poems

On January 24, Wednesday, at 18.30 in the building of the Metropolitan Municipality on 1 Paris Street was presented the debut book with poems of the young poetess Denitsa Yotova “Under the sun at all times”. The event was organized by the Culture Directorate of Sofia Municipality. “The young writer brings his intonation into the […]

GLOWing Alumna Omana Katzarska – Interview

“The one who gives life” – that means in translation from Sanskrit the name Omana. Omana Katsarska is a freelance artist with a focus on illustration, book layout and typography. She graduated the “Ilia Petrov” School of Fine Arts, specialty “Graphics”; Bachelor is in the subject of “Book, Illustration and Print Graphics” (National Academy of […]

Glowing Alulma Ekaterina Peikovska – Djadjeva – giving a great example for the new generation

On  November 1, the day of the “National Enlighteners” (Bulgarians celebrates and remember those visionaries who did so much to establish a sense of national pride and to lay the foundation forBulgarian liberation) on little girl highly impressed thousands of Bulgarians in the country and around the world with their knowledge of the Bulgarian enlighteners. Kristina Dzhedzheva […]

GLOWing Alumna Yana Dimitrova starts meditations in Sofia

After few years of devotion into meditation practices and yoga, Yana finally starts her own class of meditation. It will be an aroma meditation with pure essential oils, the scent is called ¨Balance¨ and it´s good for grounding, giving stability and coping with problems. The meditation practice will take place  on 25th of November, from […]