Petya Markova won a national essay competition

GLOW alumna Petya Markova was announced winner of the national essay competition organized by Interact Bulgaria on “How Rotary changes my world”. The competition was attended by representatives of Interact clubs from all over Bulgaria. The aim of the contest was to find out what is the opinion of the youngest members of the Rotary […]

GLOW Alumna won the WSDC SDA Open 2014

Congratulations to GLOW 2013 Alumna Adelina Ivanova for winning the WSDC SDA Open 2014 – a national debate competition, carried out in English. The event was held from the 11th to the 13th of July in Lozen and welcomed 20 teams with 3 team members from all over Bulgaria. WSDC SDA Open 2014, organized by Sofia Debate Association gathers the best […]

GLOW Alumna won the Creative Business Cup, Bulgaria 2014

Congratulations to GLOW Alumna Vania Ivanova for winning the Creative Business Cup, Bulgaria 2014 with her Cake Generator. Creative Business Cup is the world championship for creative entrepreneurs. Worldwide, the creative industries contribute significantly to growth and jobs – and to the development of new, innovative solutions to the challenges that companies and societies face. Also, […]

GLOW Alumna with a leading role in a national TV Series

GLOW 2012 Alumna Boriana Dzhivdzhanova was the leading female actress in serie 29, season 2 of the Destinies on a Crossroad show. The weekly show presented on national TV tells the real stories of people in a lifechanging situations. She plays a teenage girl, living in a small village, who got pregnant from her teacher. […]

GLOW Alumna is the new Bulgarian Youth Delegate of the United Nations

Today, GLOW 2009 Alumna Ani Koleva was announce to be one the two Bulgarian Youth Delegates of the United Nations for the period 2014-2015. Since 1981 the United Nations (UN) recommend Member States to include Youth Delegates in their national delegations in order to ensure direct youth participation.The inclusion of Youth Delegates in the work of […]

GLOW Alumni took part in ”Non – formal learning in You(th)work” international training

SIlviya Kovacheva and Luybomira Georgieva took part in ”Non – formal learning in You(th)work” – training course on tools, methods, techniques of non – formal education with individuals and groups with special focus on learning processes in youth work activities. The overall aim of training course was to train youth workers, youth leaders on being able to assess and discover the learning motivation and learning styles of young people. To identify […]

GLOW alumni – delegates in St Andrew’s Model United Nations programme

GLOW 2013 alumni Ralitsa Naydenova and Adelina Ivanova took part in The St Andrew’s Model United Nations programme conference. The St Andrew’s Model United Nations programme runs nearly the duration of the whole school year and involves groups participating in conferences both at home and abroad. The highlight of the year is a conference where nearly 600 delegates […]

GLOW Alumni took part in Discover to Inspire international conference

Here is what Milena Georgieva told specially for the GLOW Alumni Network website: “Discover to inspire, inspire to empower, empower to change” That’s the motto of the Discover to Inspire conference, which took place in Dundee, Scotland – both of its first and second edition. It was indeed an inspiring week – with guest speakers […]

GLOW girl is the Bulgarian champion in Classic Chess

The GLOW girl Maria Vasova is again a Bulgarian champion! She won the Classic Chess title for girls up to 16 tears old taking the first place with 6,5 points out of 7. Her excellence was proven in rapid chess playoffs, as well with 6,5 points out of 7, winning a second Golden medal. Maria […]

GLOW Alumna a member of the 8th edition of the Model European Union

The GLOW Alumna Tsveta Konova, participated in the 8th edition of the Model European Union conference that took take place in Strasbourg, France this April. Model European Union is a weeklong simulation, which brings together participants from the EU’s 28 member states and beyond. The conference draws from all aspects of European politics and gives students […]