LA GLOW 2015 Staff Applications are now available

Dear GLOW girls, GLOW Leadership Academy 2015 is already looking for its staff members… If you: – want to dedicate your free time during the year to spreding the GLOW; – want to develop your skills as a trainer further by passing our special staff trainings; – want to experince once more the magic of […]

Семинар “Перспективи за политиките за жени и за равнопоставеност на половете”

31.10 – 02.11.2014 г., Интерхотел, Велико Търново (   ПРОГРАМА   Петък, 31.10.2014 г. Пристигане и настаняване 18.00 ч. Откриване, запознаване   Мария Петрова, Фондация Фридрих Еберт   Катя Николова, ОЖС в БСП   Модератор: Емилия Илиева-Крайнова 19.00 ч. Въведение, цели, очаквания 20.00 ч. Вечеря   Събота, 01.11.2014 г. 09.00 ч. Първи панел: Политическо участие […]

GLOW Sustainability Team is still looking for new members

The Sustainability Team of GLOW Association is still looking for new members for the following positions: –                Fundraising Assistant –                Sofia Region Activities Assistant –                Online Communications Assistant Who can apply? All GLOW Alumnae who: – […]

Vanya Grozeva for #CodeEU: Girl

During EU Code Week, between 11th & 17th October 2014, thousands of coding events were organised around Europe for kids, young people and adults. Eight of them took place in Bulgaria. The biggest one was #CodeEU: Girl which was organised by the Bulgarian Centre of Women in Technology. It attracted over 70 non-tech young people, […]

Usheroff Institute will be granting one scholarship a year to GLOW alumnae

The Usheroff Institute has announced that it will be granting one scholarship a year to GLOW alumnae who would like to attend the “Art of WOW conference” for women. This year, GLOW alumna Tsvetta Kaleynska attended the conference, and embarked a long-term partnership with the Usheroff Institute. This popular and exciting program is dedicated to […]

International Training Course „Peer coaching-peer support“

There are 3 spots available specially for GLOW Alumni. NGO Calamus, as hosting organization, will gather 30 youth workers who will gain knowledge and set of practical skills, which they will be able to share in their local community and among their peers. Based on non-formal education and learning through experience, this TC will empower them on […]

International Training Course “Human rights – Roma rights”!

28 June – 05 July 2014, Sfântu Gheorghe (Arcuş), Romania   There are 3 places available to GLOW Alumni.    Theme of the training course: The venue of the project is Sfântu Gheorghe, Romania. The type of activity is a training course (TC). The themes of the TC are: –       To be acquainted with the […]

Vacancy for EVS Volunteer – Special invitation to GLOW Alumni

Vacancy for EVS Volunteer in France Location: Attigny, France Deadline: 11/04/2014 Start: 01/09/2014 End: 30/06/2015   La Baraudelle is a day care centre and specialized home for disabled people located in Ardennes. It is located in a small city in a rural reigion and propose different kinds of leisure and pedagogical activities. They namely manage […]


„Асоциация за развитие на българския спорт” предоставя възможността на младежи от 18 до 30 години да се включат в безплатен дискусионен обучителен семинар, по време на който ще се запознаят теоритично и практически с доброволчеството в спорта. „Младежка спортна доброволческа академия” ще се проведе в периода 22-26 април 2014 година и организаторите ще покрият разходите […]